What is a Divorce Coach?

“Divorce coaching is a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate, and guide people going through divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns.”

-The American Bar Association

How Can a Divorce Coach Help You?

  • They walk down the path with you helping to make an overwhelming experience less so.
  • Divorce Coaches help clients be more effective in their communication so that moving forward they have new habits which can reduce the reactive responses and keep things civil, regardless of what the other person might be doing.
  • Sometimes both spouses are in very different places – and a divorce coach can help shift the client’s perspective to understand more about what they need to understand.
  • Divorce Coaches are “Thinking Partners” to help clients remember who they are when they are at their best and help them remember that best during the times which could be very emotionally trying.
  • Divorce Coaches help clients develop clarity, confidence, and courage for what can be a rocky road ahead.
  • Clients come away with their eyes wide open so that they won’t be blindsided by the unexpected.
  • Divorce Coaches can help them rehearse and prepare for the challenging conversations and help them to respond better in the process, anticipating those potholes in the road.
  • Divorce Coaches can also help you:
    • Avoid the most commonly made mistakes.
    • Move past the emotions, overwhelm and fear to making good decisions for you and your family.
    • Get organized for the process.
    • Find professional resources.
    • Save money by working more effectively with your attorney.
    • Communicate and Co-Parent with greater ease.

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Your Thinking Partner

Christy has been there. She’s been through many of the challenges of life: divorce, death, and more. These challenges changed her heart and life and ignited her desire to come alongside those going through the same challenges. When Christy divorced, Divorce Coaches didn’t exist. She believes she would have made better decisions along the way if she had had a Divorce Coach as her “Thinking Partner.” Today, that’s what she wants to do for you – help you make the best decisions possible for you and your family as you navigate divorce.

As an International Coach Federation Accredited Coach (ACC), CDC Certified Divorce Coach®, and a Certified Divorce Specialist, Christy serves others by helping them look at divorce with their “eyes wide open” and walks the path with them if they are considering, in the midst of, or moving forward from divorce. Connect with Christy now to learn more about Divorce Coaching and how she can support you as you traverse divorce. Call 281-944-8043 to speak to Christy personally and confidentially.

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